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~A walk to and through Burnley~

8th February 2014

Weavers Triangle

The Weavers Triangle, Burnley

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Speed Limits

The Limits

Walking down Hillingdon Road to the top of Reedley Drive, I crossed Higher Reedley Road on the very limit of Burnley's territory. To my right is Pendle Borough. I lived as a child on Reedley Drive and enjoy the occasional trip down (or up) memory lane.

Lucas Cricket Pitch

Lucas Sports Fields

This was once one of the finest cricket pitches in East Lancashire; owned and run by Lucas. Those times have gone now; perhaps the only large employer in this part of the world with decent sports pitches is Rolls Royce at Barnoldswick. Pendle Hill is further away. I think the plan is to reinstate the pitch as part of the redevelopment of the territory - vacated by Lucas in 1994.

Prairie Playing Fields

Praire Fields

After crossing Colne Road, I took the narrow ginnel to the "Prairie" - an area of council owned sports pitches. The plan was to walk down to the canal, but the untidy mess left by the marina development has made the field walk very unpleasant, more so after heavy rain.

Railway Line

Preston to Colne Railway Line

Looking south towards Burnley, this single track line is not a lot of use nowadays. Once two lines and running to Skipton, Burnley's major line is now the one heading to Hebden Bridge - see later.

Prairie Fields

Towards Pendle Hill

Barden Mill

Barden Mill (abandoned)

"They" have taken the roof of Barden Mill and the plan is to clear the site for houses. The shopping emporium that was Barden Mill gave the building a second life after textile manufacturing. The houses, if built, will be well placed for views of the countryside and would be ideal for trainspotters. However it is usually the same train going to and fro.

Barden Mill


Canalside Mills

To Burnley

Water Birds

Water Birds

Turf Moor

Turf Moor

The home of Burnley Football Club - at the time of writing, unbeaten at home and 2nd in the Championship. The Millwall team bus is arriving and they later go home emtpy handed, 3-1 to The Clarets.

Finsley Gate Mill

Finsley Gate Mill

In a recurring theme of today's walk, here is another mill between uses. Formerly occupied by Lambert Haworth, I think the plan is to redevelop the building for residential use. One day, lots of folk will live in mills or the sites where they stood, but they will have nowhere to work, cuz all the mills have gone!

The Straight Mile

The Straight Mile

Burnley's longest man-made structure, this embankment carries the Leeds and Liverpool Canal across the town. It was constructed between 1796 and 1801 and is home to varied bird life and supermarket trolleys.

Manchester Road Station

"Burnley Manchester Road" Railway Station

This train is on the "wrong line". It will head away from the camera as this station is currently the end of the line. Further east, the Holme Tunnel is being relined to allow for safer, faster running and at Todmorden, the "curve" is being reinstated. In May, once all work (including a new station building here) trains will run to Manchester. Oh, hang on! Word is there are no trains available until November - you couldn't make it up, could you!

Stanley Mill

Stanley Mill

The former Robert Emmott's mill nestles within a variety of housing styles. This mill would also have been demolished about ten years ago, but it has listed building status and has a new lease of life as a multi-occupied site.

Stanley Mill Winding Room

Upstairs in Stanley Mill

Look to the left and you will see an original shaft with a drive wheel.

Burnley Train

The Train Departs

Weavers Traingle

The Weavers' Traingle

Redevlopment work is approaching completion, maybe time for Prince Charles to pay another visit to what could well be his his favourite northern town!

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 4hrs over a distance of about 6 miles. Time includes that spent in the cafe.

Route: Home on the Clockhouse estate, Hillingdon Road, Reedley Drive, Prairie Fields, Barden Mill, Leeds & Liverpool Canal to Manchester Road (Burnley), up to the Railway Station, Piccadilly Road, Albion Road, Trafalgar Road, Westgate, through town, Ormerod Road, Thompson Park, Bank Hall, Queen Vicotria Road, Briercliffe Road.

Weather: Dull, cool, dry.

Refreshments: Breakfast butty at St.James Coffee House, St.James's Street, Burnley. Good value, newspapers and friendly smiles! What more could you ask for?

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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