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~Gisburn to Settle~

30th January 2010

Part 3 of the long walk from home to the Lake District. There's been a long time since Part 2, which was done on 18th July 2009, generally I've been busy walking eslewhere, but this leg was causing me some logistical challenges....

River Ribble

The River Ribble

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Kendal Settle Road Sign
A682 Road
No Pavement

My route would take me down the A682 and close to danger as this is a fast road. This was part of The Ribble Way, but the long-distance path has now been re-routed away from the road. The detour at the start of a long walk didn't suit me, so I walked down here and kept well in whenever a vehicle approached. I wonder how many hundreds of times I've been in a car over this bridge? It was time to take a look down by the river.

Under A682 Raod
Old Bridge
Under The Road
Older Bridge

These are views down at river level, no road users see these scenes. The right-hand image clearly pre-dates the road bridge, it is not in use and in danger of collapse.

Castle Haugh

Castle Haugh

Every motorist, including myself, must have wondered what is the raised mound with the trees? Well my research and a site visit can reveal the location of a Norman fortification with a trench (moat?) around the raised section. The far side has a very steep drop to the river. Good defensive position, if you have something to defend.

Pendle Hill View

Norman's View of Pendle Hill

Hungry Sheep

Hungry Sheep

This is a fairly typical view from the early part of the walk. These sheep must have thought I had brought food as they followed me across the field. I decided that following the road was not sensible, so I followed the route of The Ribble Way. This path cannot stay close to the river all the way due to landowner issues, but it does remain in proximity to the river and the elevated positions do offer good views around the dale.

Brook Lane

Brook Lane

Look at the sky! It's a fantastic winter's day, marred only by a gentle cool breeze. The little bump in between the trees is Newton Moor Top, beyond Hellifield.

Ribble Way Walk


The trees on the left are in Deep Dale. I'm looking back here and behind me is Todmanhaw Lane which leads towards Long Preston. I had my Mars Bar here and a sip of drink. I knew from the map that there would be loads of gates and stiles on this walk. Try guessing how many, I was counting.

Footpath Sign
River Ribble
The Way Forward
River Ribble

The situation at Cow Bridge, this is my first view of the river for a few miles and the path cannot stay close to it as this is an often-flooded flood plain. The river meanders widely and the path stays clear of the marshland, heading for Wigglesworth Hall Farm

Wigglesworth Hall

Wigglesworth Hall

Rake Head Laithe Ribble Way

Rake Head Laithe

Rathmell School

Loads of signs at the local school. The sign that caught my eye was the "Trespassers" one. I thought Trespass per se was a civil offence, so unless there is aggravation, the prosecution could be difficult.

Rathmell Reading Room Ribble Way

Rathmell Reading Room

Pen-Y-Ghent Ribble Way

Pen-Y-Ghent and Stile No.58

I said there were plenty of gates, stiles and climbovers. This is No.58 and in total there were 64, give or take, its quite a lot to keep track of. Not far to Settle now and all along the flat.

River Ribble Way

River Ribble and High Hill

River Ribble Way

The River in Sunshine

Lancastrians think of the Ribble as theirs, but much of the river, maybe at least half lies in Yorkshire and that's where it comes from. How many other rivers start in Yorkshire and drain through Lancashire?

A65 Bridge Ribble Way

The A65

Well I have again met up with the road route to the Lakes. In the old days, we used to have to drive through Settle and then along came this by-pass. Such roads can kill off local communities, not so here. The reduction of traffic through Settle has made it a pleasant place to be and I'm heading there right now. The railway bridge is just in sight, it takes trains to Carnforth - this is not the S&C.

Singing Kettle Settle

The Singing Kettle - see RRR later.

Settle Railway Station

Settle Station

End of Part 3

This is the start of my way back to Gisburn. It's a train to Skipton and a bus to Gisburn. This leg of the journey was not an easy one to work out, but now it's done. I've seen places for the first and maybe the last time, it's not my favourite kind of walk, which is why I saved it for a blue sky day. Imagine a flat walk and all those stiles under a grey sky!

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 4hrs 40 minutes over a distance of a little over12 miles.

Route: Gisburn, A682, Paythorne, The Ribble Way to Cow Bridge and beyond, detour into Rathmell, rejoin RW and along the river to Settle.

Weather and conditions: Mr.Blue Sky pays us a visit, accompanied by a cool breeze.

Greetings Count: Very Low, said "Mornin'" to one farmer, that's your lot.

Richard's Refreshment Review: The Singing Kettle, Settle - seating for 20 downstairs and more room upstairs upstairs. I had an ADB plus tea for £4.95 and it was just the ticket. Great value and good service, pay the ladies a visit - the menu looks good, but I only had the breakfast in my sights.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©