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~Pendle Hill~

30th September 2010

There was a reason why I wanted to take the camera for a walk and it's flimsy: I wanted to make it 12 walks in September, so that the photo grid in my "Recent" looked tidy....


The Top

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The Ratmobile was for sale; I had a potential buyer. I got cold feet, this car is little use to me as my only vehicle in winter, but I appear to have found a way around the problem. So, it's likely that this car will be mothballed for 6 months and I will be running around in something more suitable for the colder part of the year. Son, Andrew is with me today.

Weets Hill

Weets Hill

Those with good eyes will just about be able to make out the Trig Point on Weets Hill. Barnoldswick is just the other side of the hill.

Pendle Hill

Out West

It's about 6pm and the sun is on its way down, a bit of water reflects the sun's rays. Not sure which bit of water it is.

Rainbow Pendle

Rainbow over Nelson, Lancs.

I can assure viewers that there is no pot of gold in Nelson. Andy and I kept dry, the moisture must have been between us and the rainbow.

Pendle Hill

Son & I

Andy, 18, surprised me when he volunteered to come on the walk with me. "As long as you can keep up" said I.

Pendle Hill

Sun & I

Pendle Hill

Black Moss and the Rainbow

Walkers: Andy Rat and Me

Time taken: 1hr precisely over 2.5 miles.

Route: Roadside parking, up the steps on the right and down the track on the left.

Weather and conditions: Mainly cloudy, sunshine on top creating good photos.

Greetings Count: Just a couple of "Hello's", not many about today.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Nothing to report today.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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