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~Settle to Ingleton (the hard way!)~

13th March 2010

Part 4 of the long walk from home to Lakeland. Originally it was to be a low-level walk, close to the road, but I noticed a large fell not too far from the road, so I went to take a closer look, David Dimmock accompanied me....

Dave Dimmock

DD on Ingleborough Summit

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It's 8am and we have parked out of the way near the railway line and walked up to Settle village centre. The plan is to head over Stackhouse to Feizor and then to Wharfe.

Trees near Settle


The sky is laden with low cloud, these early scenes lack colour. Look closely and you will see baby tree in between mummy and daddy tree.


Near Wharfe

Here we are heading for Wharfe and there's a suggestion of brighter skies in the distance. We have walked over Stackhouse, through Feizor and past Wharfe Wood.


David and The Snowdrops

You will have to visit David's Picasa set (bottom of the page) to see if he got the photo he was looking for.

Haven't we seen all this before somewhere?


David and The Snowdrops (6th March 2010)

Sheep Wash

Wash Dub

This is the area where sheep used to be washed to remove parasites. The stream was dammed to make a pool.

Norber Erratics

The Norber Erotics

Boulders litter the landscape. Abandoned by retreating glaciers many years ago, so they say.

Moughton Scars

Moughton Scars

Moughton Scars from upper Crummack Dale, we're making good progress and now it's a lovely Spring day.


Pen-Y-Ghent and Moughton Scars

Thieves Moss is down there to the right.

Simon Fell

Simon Fell

No injuries reported.


Walkers and Pen-Y-Ghent


Ingleborough - up ahead


The Final Ascent of Ingleborough




David Dimmock on Ingleborough

We have made it to the top of Ingleborough, 5hrs after setting off from Settle. We have covered around 10 miles so far. This is my first visit to this summit for about 30 years.

Simon Fell

Simon Fell

The edge of Simon Fell from Ingleborough summit. Quite cold up here with a brisk NW breeze. Plans for a leisurely lunch in the shelter were abandoned as all seats on the leeward side were taken. By sloths who probably had not walked 10 miles and started 5 hrs ago.

Ingleborough Summit

Me on top of Ingleborough

Ingleborough Summit

Summit View

Ingleborough Descent

The Way Down


Looking Back to Ingleborough

Fell Lane Ingleborough

Fell Lane

Look into the distance and you may be able to see Heysham Power Station. Nearly there now.

Ingleton Viaduct

Ingleton Viaduct

No trains today; we are almost back in Ingleton and we are on schedule to catch the 3pm bus back to Settle.

Bus Ingleton

The Bus

A mere £1.90 to travel the 10 miles back to Settle, how's that? Free for the over 60's, of course.

That's Part 4 done and I've now walked from home in Burnley as far as Ingleton. There's no turning back now, mind you, I did and got home for 5pm.

Walkers: David Dimmock and Me

Time taken: 6hrs 40mins over a distance of approx. 13 miles.

Route: Settle, Stackhouse, Feizor, Wharfe, Crummack Dale, Theives Moss, Ingleborough, Fell Lane, Ingleton.

Weather and conditions: Misty start, sunny middle, cool top and cloudier finish.

Greetings Count: Moderate, plenty of walkers on Ingleborough.

Richard's Refreshment Review: The Singing Kettle in Settle for a brew. Good place for light lunches and afternoon tea etc.

No Giants

No Giants on the Fells!


All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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