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27th March 2010

I got up on Saturday morning with nothing planned, dug out a few maps and started scratching my chin, like-you-do. An hour or so later I'd made a plan and grabbed the boots and stuff and headed out of the door....

Pen-Y-Ghent Summit

Pen-Y-Ghent Summit

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Skipton Station

Skipton Railway Station

For the sake of a different drive and a ride on a train before the wheels stop turning in a few days time, I parked near the station in Skipton and booked a return to/from Horton-in-Ribblesdale, but I would get off one stop short and walk to Horton via Pen-Y-Ghent.

Settle Station

Settle Railway Station

This is the train I travelled on. Pen-Y-Ghent looks an awfully long way away from here.

Settle Weir

Settle Weir

The first part of this walk is the same as I did with David Dimmock two weeks ago, once I get to Stackhouse, I'll revert to the river instead of going over to Feizor as we did last time.


The Sheep Family

The route follows the River Ribble to Stainforth, passing Stainforth Foss which was in good flow. It's strange to think that in 12 weeks or so I could be jumping in the river, as I have done for several summers. This year it could be different as I have always brought the kids, but now the youngest has passed his test and won't need me; I could miss out :-(

Stainforth Bridge

Stainforth Bridge

This level is a good foot or so higher than the typical summer level when the crowds gather and get giddy.

Stainforth Church

St.Peter's Church, Stainforth

The clock shows the wrong time and the daffodills are all brought in, not planted.

Long Lane

The Route to Pen-Y-Ghent



I've often seen baths on the fellside, this one was half full of hot water, I couldn't resist a relaxing half hour.


It's Getting Closer!

This route took me past Churn Milk Hole and on to the Pennine Way and then I found a little shelter behind the wall and had my sandwich. Normally I might wait for the summit for lunch, but it was quite blowy and would surely be worse on top.

Pen-Y-Ghent Steps

The Steps

Rock Cracks

Cracking Rocks

Will this precipice still be here next time? It looks rather fragile.

Pen-Y-Ghent Summit

The Summit

I can assure you it was windy and a tad unpleasant up here, I didn't hang around and decided for a wander off to Plover Hill. I wish I hadn't bothered, it was very damp underfoot and a bit of a drag getting all the way round.

Plover Hill

Plover Hill

Just follow the wall, make sure you are wearing a good pair of boots or wellies. Look carefully and you will see some snow.


The Route Back

I took a direct path off Plover Hill in a northerly direction to meet the path back to Horton. It says 3.75 miles back to Horton and I have 80 minutes before the train is due to depart.

Snow bridge

Snow Bridge

We've seen a few of these this winter, that's Pen-Y-Ghent behind. I'm having to walk quite hard over uneven territory to keep up with the clock and the train time.

Hull Pot

Hull Pot



Towards pendle Hill

Pendle Hill - in the distance

Not far now to Horton and I should be on time for the train, maybe even a brew or a pint?

Horton Bridge

Horton Bridge

Horton Station

Horton Station

Well, just 10 minutes to spare, so no visit to cafe or pub. The next train would have been in two hours time. This was a long walk and I walked quite hard to keep up with the time schedule, altogether better than spending the day indoors.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 6hrs over a distance of approx. 14 miles.

Route: Settle, Stackhouse, River Ribble to Stainforth; not Long Lane, but the one almost parallel to the east that leads directly to Pen-Y-Ghent, Plover Hill, bridleway to Horton.

Weather and conditions: Cloudy, a few sunny intervals, cold and windy on the tops, with a bit of rain thrown in.

Greetings Count: Moderate, plenty of walkers on Pen-Y-Ghent, but no one else on my ascent route from Stainforth.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Nothing to report due to the rush for the train.

Me on top of Pen-Y-Ghent

Me on top of Pen-Y-Ghent

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