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~A Walk from Home~

6th December 2014

Sparrable Row

Sparrable Row

A ten mile walk from home on a rather dull day.

Three trees
Three Trees

Early in the day, the fields are frosty and you could be forgiven for thinking it would be a fine, sunny day. But a bank of cloud is moving in to spoil the fun. The sycamores are all the same age and quite symmetrical, maybe planted by someone?

Winter berries

Winter Berries

One of the trees in our garden flowered well and now has loads of berries. I seem to recall Starlings stripping the fruit from the branches in previous years, perhaps they have found their food elsewhere? It's 10:20 and the plan, as far as there is one, is to give Molly a good walk over the next four hours. Let's see where my boots lead us ....

Briercliffe Road
The Fields
Briercliffe Road

We walk through some of our usual dog-walking fields and then cross Briercliffe Road and walk down Townley Street.

To Musty Haulgh Farm

To Misty Haulgh Farm

Misty Haulgh

Misty Haulgh Farm

Burnley's Longest Footbridge?

Netherwood Farm

Netherwood Farm

These are some of the seldom seen farms around Burnley, this one popular with horses and their owners. We pick up the path for Rowley Lake, meeting a few other walkers and runners on the way.

Rowley Lake

Rowley Lake

We walked along the north side of the lake and then up to the Thornton Arms at Pike Hill. Out of the photo is a bakery (Oddies) and it seemed opportune to try one of their beef patties - very good it was too!

Thornton Arms

Thornton Arms

Then a little road walking up Red Lees Road.

Dugdales House

Red Lees Road

Looking back along the road from Pike Hill, before we crossed over and entered the fields to head for Hurstwood.

Ormerod Hall

Easy walking in fields devoid of livestock. On the right, the boundary wall keeps the unwelcome out of the grounds of Ormerod House.

Gin Wood

Gin Wood

Gin Wood on the left, as we look back along the fields we have just crossed.

Spencer House, Hurstwood

Spencer Cottage, Hurstwood.

Of the Elizabethan period, a little glimpse at some of the oldest buildings in the area. There is a P&D car park on the way to Hurstwood Reservoir, but most folk for nowt on the approach road. You decide.

To Hurstwood Reservoir

To Hurstwood Reservoir

Husrtwood Reservoir

Hurstwood Reservoir

We walked along the track and then crossed the beck at the far end before climbing up through the young plantation to head for Swinden Reservoirs and our lunchtime destination. These are Pennine foothills.

Wasnop Edge

Wasnop Edge

A little hill top en route to Swinden Bridge - "Tumulus" according to the OS map, this could be a burial site.

Swinden Reservoirs

Swinden Reservoirs

It's so murky now, but in the near ground is a pub and further away on the horizon is Harle Syke, close to home.

Roggerham Gate

Roggerham Gate Inn

Dogs are allowed. We were the only customers at 13:00hrs, hence the landlord had to put some lights on. Tea and cheese sandwich.

Thursden Brook
Thursden Brook

in memorium

"Life is not measured by the years you lived

but by the love you gave and the things you did."

A local lady died recently, aged 50, and this little garden in the field is her family's tribute.

Banks Farm

Banks Farm

Up this field, through a gate and off towards Lane Bottom, Briercliffe.

Sparrable Row

Sparrable Row, Lane Bottom


More Fields

Heading for the top of Nelson Golf Course (left, on the horizon).

Home field

Field One

Back to the field behind our house, or "Field One" as I prefer to call it. The main path through the field is not a public right of way, but nobody seems to mind. This year the grass was harvested once, moles, voles and field mice populate; nothing much else to report.

10 miles, taking 4 hrs and 40 mins (including time spent in the pub).

Tourist Guide to Hurstwood

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