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~Great Whernside~

1st November 2014

Great Whernside Summit

The Summit

Today's walk in the Yorkshire Dales started and finished at Kettlewell in Wharfedale.

Sunrise Nelson Pendle Hill
Sunrise close to home
Pendle Hill

Saturday wouldn't be Saturday without a good leg stretch. Kettlewell is about 30 miles from home and we arrive there at 09:45hrs. A quick look at the map and I decided to take a walk up Dowber Gill and see where that led us.

Blue Bell Inn, Kettlewell

Kettlewell - The Blue Bell Inn

There are three pubs in Kettlewell and two cafes. Observations were being made for an after walk refreshment opportunity. The Blue Bell Inn has a welcomming sign board. Just need to pick up a dirty woman somewhere along the way ...

Racehorses Inn Kings Head
Racehorses Inn
Kings Head

Dowber Gill

Dowber Gill

A singposted route up to Providence Pot leads out of the north-eastern corner of Kettlewell.

Dowber Gill Beck

Dowber Gill Beck

Easy to follow route up the beck.

Further Up

The rocks in the beck are a random mixture of limestone and sandstone.

Providence pot

Providence Lead Mine

Providence Pot is accessed via a scaffolded shaft in the bed of Dawber Gill, suitably locked so that fools cannot enter. The lead mine is long since abandoned and offers few clues as to past operations. We take a feint path up to the left of the spoil heaps and on to the moors.

Hag Dyke Gill Beck

Hag Dyke Gill Beck

Dowber Gill splits and Hag Dyke Gill Beck points directly towards Great Whernside summit. We take a more circuitous route up on to the higher reaches, an area of open access moorland devoid of footpaths.

Buckden Pike Whernside Pasture

Sunlight on Buckden Pike and Molly rushes across Whernside Pasture. When I think of all the narrow paths, canal towpaths, on-lead bits and best behaviour places - this open moorland is fantastic for the dog, she loved it!

Summiteers on Great Whernside

Great Whernside Summit 2,310ft asl

The first two walkers we saw and one of them also hailed from Burnley. Blocks of Millstone Grit litter the summit territory.

Molly on top of Great Whernside

Me n' Molly on Great Whernside

No place to hang around with a bitter wind forcing the extra layer on. We take the popular ascent route as our way down, I've heard it can be boggy.

The Boggy Bits

Hag Dyke

Hag Dyke

Hag Dyke is a hostel run by 1st Ben Rhydding Scout Group in Ilkley and the chapel on the right is the highest in England. We took the bridleway, seen here running out to the right of the enclosure.

Route down to Kettlewell

Kettlewell Smetling Mill

Kettlewell Smelting Mill (site of)

An information board informs walkers about the mill and its history. An intersting read, you'll have to go and have a look.

Chesnut Cottage

Chestnut Cottage

The cottage is for sale .... £549,500 as of 1st November 2014.

Great Whernside from Kettlewell

Great Whernside from Kettlewell

Walkers: Me n' Molly

Time taken: 3hrs 40 mins over a distance of about 6.5 miles.

Route: Kettlewell, Dowber Gill Beck, Whernside Pasture, Great Whernside, Hag Dyke, Hoobank Pasture, Kettlewell.

Weather: Bright start, clouding over on the tops and rather breezy.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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