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5th April 2015

Easter Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

April is here and we are due a change in the weather ...

River Wharfe

River Wharfe

Karen and I took Molly with us to Grassington on Saturday 4th April. I prefer to park up river of Grassington and walk in to the village; you save up to £4.50 on parking and feel ready for refreshments when you arrive.

Linton Weir

Linton Weir

The scene includes a hydro-electric power generator and two men operating a "drone". I am fairly sure that it is not permitted to fly such a drone in the close proximity of the public.

Foresters Arms Foresters Grassington

The Foresters Arms, Grassington

Good, basic menu with hearty portions. The classic bar style with an assortment of bar stools and fine pub tables sets the scene for this welcomming refreshment opportunity. Dogs and wives welcome!


Fun by the river on the way back to the car. The morning after, mist was in the air and Molly n' me set off for an ascent of Pendle Hill.


The Pendle walk started at 08:30hrs from the Barley car park. Would we get above the mist?

Lower Ogden Res Upper Ogden Res

The Ogden Reservoirs

Upon reaching the Upper reservoir, we were reaching the ceiling of the misty air and brightness was breaking through.


Fogbow in Ogden Clough

My prescence has created a "fogbow", a feint arch of diffracted sunlight offering a way into the clough.

Boar Clough

Boar Clough

Mist in Ogden Clough
Head of Boar Clough

All clear above the mist and much warmer, some call this a temperature inversion whereby the cold moist air is trapped at the lower level and the temperature therefore increases with altitude over a short vertical distance.

Easter Sunday on Pendle

Easter Sunday on Pendle Hill

All around the valleys are filled with mist, views to the south and east are hindered by the strong sunlight.

Mist in the Ribble Valley

The plume of steam eminates from the Ribble Cement Works. We took a walk around the perimiter edge of Pendle's Big End, heading north and then west.

Scout Cairn on Pendle

The Scout Cairn

Then a bee-line across the peat bogs to Ogden Clough for a return route to Barley.

Ogden Clough Ogden Clough

Ogden Clough

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Upper Ogden Reservoir




Barley Waterworks

One day these will be homes, it seems to be taking a long time.

3hrs 30mins over a distance of about 7 miles. You wait years for a temperature inversion in East Lancashire to coincide with an opprtunity to walk up Pendle and then .... see the next walk, soon.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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