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~Pendle Hill~

26th April 2015

Pendel Summit

Pendle Summit

Since the last fully documented ascent of Pendle Hill on 6th April, I've been up there on the 8th, 11th, 14th and 23rd - all a bit much for the website viewer, and indeed the website writer. I'd rather be out in the fresh air than fiddling about with files, folders and pathways to the internet. So here is Pendle ascent No.7 for this month. A fine Sunday morning.

Brierfield Gas Holder

Brierfield Gas Holder

On the way, a look at the early morning mist on the Leeds / Liverpool Canal at Brierfield.

Lower Ogden Reservoir

Lower Ogden Reservoir

We started the walk from Barley car park at 07:30hrs.

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Levels down at Upper Ogden Reservoir. I appreciate the architect's decision to use lighter coloured rocks at the top of the reservoir banks, it makes it looks nice :-)

Ogden Clough Ogden Cloug

Ogden Clough

We walked up Ogden Clough as far as the flagstones and then aimed for the summit.

Pendle Flags

The Flagstones

Looking back with West Lancashire under the slightly hazy blue skies.

Molly Pendle Summit


In one year since she first came up here, Molly has returned on 43 more occasions.

Young Molly

27th April 2014



These migratory birds call in at this time of year on their journey from North Africa to Northern Scotland, or maybe Siberia.

Sunday Girls Pendle Steps
Sunday Ladies
The Steps

Fine weather for the Sunday Ladies and it's on the steps where we start to encounter the later starters.

To Barley

Easy stroll downhill to Barley for breakfast at The Cabin. Later, in the evening ...

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset


Pendle Morning

Pendle Hill Monday 28th April

Our early morning walk takes us across the fields close to home with good views across to Pendle.

Molly n' Me walking for 2hrs 30mins over a distance of about 6 miles.

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