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~Glenridding Dodd~

2nd August 2015

Glenridding Dodd

"The Dodd"

Scroll down for photos and a description of the day's walk....


The Campsite

A bit of a slow start on Sunday morning due to overnight rain being reluctant to clear. After breakfast and packing the tent, we thought it would be a good idea to stay local and head up Glenridding Dodd. The header photo was taken the day before (1st August).

Birkhouse Moor
Birkhouse Moor

On the climb up Glenridding Dodd, the view shows the starting fell and the concluding one from yesterday's walk. Birks can be seen beyond the campsite and Keldas; Birkhouse Moor is the big lump filling the picture on the right.

Sheffield Pike

Sheffield Pike

We could have added Sheffield Pike to this walk, but the conditions didn't merit the extra effort.

Gillside Farm

Gillside Farm and campsite. I have stayed here on various occasions since 1980. I have "moved" from the main fields to the top field (left) where the pace is slower and the noise levels lower. Mrs Lightfoot welcomes me with the same beaming smile as always; there's a pub round the corner and shops in the village of Glenridding. It costs almost as much to park in the village as it does to camp for one night!



We have visited and walked past the summit to the viewpoint at the end of the summit territory.



Even an untrained eye can spot the geological feature upon which the village is built. The alluvial fan-delta has created fertile grasslands close to the lake and the hotel has taken full advantage of the situation. The village itself would not have been here but for the prescence and success of the Greenside Mines.

Molly Barking

Molly Barks

at a stange moving object far below ..


Glenridding Dodd Summit

Molly at Glenridding Dodd Summit 1,425ft asl

Mossdale Beck Mossdale Beck

Mossdale Beck

There is an alternative way up / down and we took Mossdale Beck as a way to return. A pleasant open path soon enters dense woodland.

Fallen Trees

It gets quite steep and fallen trees, along with bracken as high as something quite tall present challenges to walkers.


The End

Back at the car and just two more items to put in the car and then we are on our way home, until next time...

Walkers: Molly The Dog and Me.

Weather: Cloudy and dull.

Glenridding Dodd may be a little mountain, or possibly a medium sized hill, but either way there are 1,000ft of ascent involved with this walk and it is quite steep both on the ascent and descent.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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