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~High Spy & Maiden Moor~

15th August 2015

Maiden Moor

Maiden Moor

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Chapel House Farm Campsite
Chapel House Farm Campsite
Morraine Ridge

A snap decision to take a trip to the Lakes for an overnight stay in deepest Borrowdale. Here at Chapel House Farm Campsite, the farmer put us in his "spare" field as the main one was full. Bingo! Loads of space and not many tents. A morraine ridge runs along one side and hosts a public footpath, which became the start of our walk towards High Spy, part of the Newlands Horseshoe of fell tops.

Castle Crag

Castle Crag

Skirting along the foot of Johnny Wood, we are aiming for Scaleclose Force, not one I've seen before.

Scaleclose Coppice Scaleclose Coppice


Danger lurks at the high edges of ground close to the waterfall, take care! A stile leads out into the open and towards Tongue Gill for the walk up to Rigghead Quarries.

To Tongue Gill

My previous visit to Rigghead Quarries was late in the day and in descent, so this is a new ascent route.


Tongue Gill

It's an obvious route up and there's lots of old quarry stuff to see. The piles of slate offcuts show where the main mines were excavated into the landscape, spoils the view!

Looking Back Down

Wilsons Bield

Wilson's Bield

The col at the top of Tongue Gill is called Wilson's Bield. Walkers for High Spy turn right and head up the hill.

Dale Head

The prominent crag of Great Gable belongs to Dale Head. Molly awaits the slower member of the party.

High Spy Summit

High Spy Summit 2,143ft asl

A fine cairn on top of this fine fell. "A memorial to its unknown builders". I wonder if it's like the Blue Peter garden and could there be a time capsule concealed deep within the stone structure?

To Maiden Moor

To Maiden Moor

1.5 miles of pleasant straightforward walking to the next fell top.

Maiden Moor

Heather on Maiden Moor

It's that time of year when those who have previously rushed to take photos of the first snows of winter, the daffodils on Ullswater, then the bluebells at Rannerdale, maybe foxgloves now head up the high places to take photos of heather. But not me, the blooming heather is purely incidental....

Maiden Moor Summit

Molly on top of Maiden Moor

She has a new trick: the levitating ball. A larger cairn and selfie station is lower down, but this is the highest point of Maiden Moor.

Scope End

Scope End

Looking across to Scope End - Hindscarth route. No doubt there are folk sat in the heather over there, with their cameras clicking away, luxuriating in the splendour of this fine August day.

Cat Bells Hause Gate
Cat Bells
Hause Gate

Initially the plan had been to taverse Cat Bells and walk through Portinscale to Keswick for a bus back to Stonethwaite, but a change of plan lead us to take the path of Hause Gate and back into Borrowdale for the walk back to the tent.


The Way Down

High Ground

High Ground

Picnic spot above the fields of Borrowdale. It's Grange Fell over there.


We followed the path past Ellers and High Close for a route to Hollows Farm

Hollows Farm

Hollows Farm

After passing the farm and the campsite, we continued alongside the River Derwent and then into Rosthwaite.



Eagle Crag

Eagle Crag

Stonethwaite Cottages

Walkers: Molly The Dog and Me.

Route: Chapel House Farm Campsite, Peak Howe, Johnny's Wood, Scaleclose, Tongue Gill, Rigghead Quarries, Wilson's Bield, High Spy, Maiden Moor, Hause Gate, High Ground, Ellers, High Close, Hollows Farm, River Derwent, Rosthwaite, road back to Stonethwaite and the camspite.

Time taken: 5hrs 10mins over a distance of about 10 miles.

Weather: Dry and sunny for most of the time.

Another 15th August on Maiden Moor and High Spy, genuinely a coincidence that the calendar date is the same!

Nearly all photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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