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8th August 2015

Southfield Methodist Chapel

Southfield Methodist Chapel

Sometimes the car is not necessary to facilitate a good walk and such was the case today. Molly and I left home and walked into the field as we do everyday, but this time we just kept on walking...

Harle Syke
The Gap
New Houses

From "field one" we headed east and through "The Gap". Harle Syke's two chimneys are in view. On the right, new houses are proposed for the rough field beyond the green pastures. Nobody wants new homes on their doorstep, what positives will they bring to a part of town already heavily populated and served by one quite narrow and busy road; schools and surgery already full??


Sunrise 06:30hrs 8th August 2015

Earlier, the early morning view from the fields.


Summer and the lanes are overgrown with the usual suspects.

Ginnel or Snicket

Snicket, I think. A Ginnel would be between buildings, whereas a Snicket would be closer to the countryside. We walked past the eastern side of Nelson Golf Course and over the road for the lane to Walverden Reservoir.

Summer Sunshine

To Walverden Reservoir

A private road hosting a public footpath and heading to the local reservoir.

Walverden Reservoir
Catlow Bottoms
Walverden Reservoir

Danger! A field full of cows (right) and no way round them. So a major detour in order to reach the other side of the reservoir.

Scholefield Farm

Scholefield Farm, Nelson

A hidden gem, quite out of character with the rest of this part of Nelson. Urban sprawl has reached out and closed in on the old farmhouse complex, but just tucked away are these attractive old buildings.

Boulsworth HIll
Messenger Street, Nelson
Boulsworth Hill

Through some rough and overgrown territory and down into the mills of the Brunswick Street area.

Boston Street

Boston Street, Nelson

Walverden Farm

Walverden Farm

Another property hidden away, closely guarded by the cat! We walked past the Walverden Reservoir dam and up past Thaw House on our way to Southfield.

Thaw House

Thaw House

Pendle Hill

Southfield Methodist Southfield
Southfield Methodist Chapel
Shooters Arms
Terrace of Houses
Shooters Arms

Heading for The Shooters Arms, a pub I had not been in for more than 25 years. Mechanisation has reduced the workforce required to collect hay from a lot to very few and stolen a great summer activity from the community.

Shooters Arms

The Shooters Arms

Handily situated for this walk, friendly and busy pub which welcomes dogs (as long as they keep off the furniture). From here we take the tarmac along Southfield Lane towards Colne.

Cock Leach Farm

Cock Leach Farm

Christ Church Colne Hubbs Hall Farm
Christ Church, Colne
Hubbs Hall Farm

A long distance view of Christ Church, Colne and then we find ourselves walking on a footpath down to and past Hubbs Hall Farm. This is an infamous location locally and is an utter disgrace, a complete mess. Look elsewhere on the internet to learn more about the problems therein.

Colne Viaduct

Colne Railway Viaduct

Towards Colne

We are aiming for the top of Knotts Lane, which will take us down the hill and into Colne.

Knotts Lane

Knotts Lane

Looking back up Knotts Lane, Colne.

Colne Railway Station

Colne Railway Station

A peaceful place for quiet reflection on this warm summer day. We arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled train and with three minutes to go a voice from nowhere announced that "the next train leaving from platform one will be the ...." Well, where are the rest of the platforms? No announcement of the 20 minute delay, so we enjoyed 40 minutes rest in this location. I don't have a "smart" phone, so I just sat quietly and talked to the dog about matters of the day.

Molly the Collie

Molly Lends Her Ear

Colne Train Brierfield Train

We took the train to Brierfield and then walked along the canal to Oliver Ings Bridge, before heading up the hill to home.

Oliver Ings Bridge

Oliver Ings Bridge

Probably the first canal bridge I walked over, a non-standard design on the Leeds/Liverpool.

Colne Preston Line

Preston to Colne Railway Line

Nearly Home

5 hours out of the house with a walk of just over 5 miles to Colne Railway Station and another 3 miles from Brierfield Railway Station up to home.

This is the countryside on our doorstep.

The Shooters Arms if you fancy a drink or

Southfield Methodist Chapel if you'd rather not.

All photos are copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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