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~Grayrigg & Winder~

7th February 2015

Grayrigg Summit

Grayrigg Summit

Two separate walks in this report from the first day of a short holiday based in Dent. Opportunities to look at fells that are not in the more popular Lake District ranges.

Borrow Beck
Borrow Beck
Route Up

I parked near to Low Borrow Bridge, south of Tebay and we followed Borrow Beck as far as the obvious track heading up towards the communication beacons on the Whinfell Ridge. We are in mist and unsure if we will see any decent views.

Misty Tree

Through The Mist

I am using Wainwright's "Walks on the Howgill Fells - and Adjoining Areas" - these are walks as oppose to "Fells" which make up the chapters of his Lakeland Pictorial Guides. It looks as though we will ascend above the mist.

Temperature Inversion

Temperature Inversion

What? Cool, moist and heavy air is trapped at ground level and warmer air sits above it. Usually air temperature declines as altitude is gained, but the reverse happens here. Follow the wall and you may just see a "Brocken Spectre" to the left where the wall and the mist meet. Not one of the more vivid ones, but the pedestrian's prescence casts a shadow on to the mist and a rainbow effect surrounds the shadow.

Radio Masts

To The Mast

We are on our way to the communication mast, we are on our way to the communication mast. Wainwright describes it as a "repeater station".

Grayrigg Mast

Grayrigg Common

This upland area hosts another mast and the path aims for it, before heading to the highest point.

Whinfell Beacon Jeffrey's Mount
Whinfell Beacon
Jeffrey's Mount

The neighbouring peak of Jeffrey's Mount is surrounded by mist and this mist extends all the way up the Lune and Eden Valleys to Penrith and Carlisle.

Scafell Range

The Scafell Range

.. is clear to see, the "nick" between Scafell (left) ands Scafell Pike is Mickledore.

Molly in the snow

Molly on the Snow

Grayrigg Summit

Grayrigg Summit 1,619 ft asl

With low-lying mist as far as the eye can see, a great pity for the passengers on today's Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express which is due up the line at noon.

Winter mists

We would have walked across the summit territory to gain views of the Lune Gorge from the edge of Grayrigg Common, but it didn't seem like the most useful way to spend the next ten minutes.

The Wall
More Mist

A relatively easy way down, there being a wall to follow all the way back into Borrowdale.

Class 37s Steam Train
Class 37's
Steam Train


Duchess of Sutherland

Duchess of Sutherland




Later, we went to Sedbergh for a walk up Winder, as seen with a bit of snow on the higher slopes. Not going to dwell on the ascent detail, it's quite easy - ask someone the way or carry the Wainwright I mentioned earlier.

Winder Summit

Winder Summit 1,551ft asl

Winder stands proud and keeps watch over Sedbergh. Behind is the neighbouring fell named Arant Haw.

Fell locator Grayrigg
Fell Locator
This Morning's Fell

Next to the trig point on Winder is a "Fell Locator" and it tells you what all the fells in view are. The Whinfell Ridge, including Grayrigg Common are now teased by mountain mist.

Lowgill Viaduct

Lowgill Viaduct

The disused Lowgill Viaduct is clear to see. Juxtaposed with the M6, one replaces the other to some extent. What's next? I wonder.

Approx 6 miles in the morning and maybe close to 4 in the afternoon.

Fine image of the same engine from today with Lowgill Viaduct in shot.

All photos are copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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