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~Pendle Hill~

21st February 2015

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

A light snowfall overnight and Pendle Hill is back on the radar.

Pendle in snow

Pendle from Noggarth

Parking in Barley, we headed directly for Pendle Hill, leaving the car at 08:00hrs.

Pendle Steps

Up The Steps

The Other Way

Molly makes her first appearance in today's photos. Can you see her?

The Climb

There she is again!

Frozen Fence The Stile
The Fence
The Stile

Pendle Runner

Snowy Scene

Early starters rewarded today with bright sunshine on the snow covered landscape.

Molly on Pendle


Pendle Summitt

The Summit View

Some minor vandalism has occured and the trig point has been defaced!

Looking East

Barley Hill

Barley Hill

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Who's that peering over Mearley Moor?!

Lower Ogden Reservoir

Lower Ogden Reservoir

Molly n' Me Barley, over the fields, up the Steps, Summit, south to Upper Ogden Reservoir, Lower Ogden Reservoir, Barley in 2hrs.

Barley Mow

Barley Mow Pub

They serve breakfast up to 11:00hrs and allow dogs into the bar areas.

Later, from home, this predator was on vole watch in our back fields.




Sunset 21st February 2015

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