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~Ingleton Waterfalls~

4th January 2015

Waterfall Fun

This is a short report of a walk around the waterfalls of the Rivers Twiss and Doe.

Walking Party

It's Sunday and we are heading for the Ingleton Waterfalls. On the way from East Lancashire, we call in at Feizor to exercise the dog and take refreshments at Elaine's Tearooms. Gary and Aimee join us for the waterfall circuit. Molly is also with us.

Swilla Glen

Swilla Glen

Pecca Falls

Pecca Falls

Water Fall

Another Waterfall

I can't make the waterfalls exciting. I am suffering a little from waterfall-fatigue. This is my umpteenth walk around here, the entrance fee keeps going up, there are no new falls, no zip-wires, no flashing lights.... maybe it's me.

Refreshment hut Thornton Force
Tea Hut
Thornton Force

I take back my words! The tea hut is selling "loom bands" alongside confectionary and beverages.

Thornton Force

Thornton Force

Small children like to walk along a ledge and get bhind the waterfall.


Gary does the obvious. Going off the beaten track can be very dangerous, take care and don't assume that it is always safe to go behind the waterfall.



We head for the falls of River Doe, Ingleborough is in view and Gary & Aimee virtually hold hands. These two walked the Three Peaks last year and reminisced the highlights thereof.

Beezley Falls

Beezley Falls

Oh look! More waterfalls, same principle of water finding its own level and eroding softer rocks, blah, blah, blah.

There is a cafe at the start point, the tea hut, an ice cream van and a refreshment point at the top of the Doe Falls. There are tress with coins embeddded in to the dying trunks; you might see interesting birds and someone else will be sat on the bench for viewing Thornton Force. Four and a half miles. Molly was with us, actually, honestly.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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