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~Pendle Hill~

16th January 2015

Snowy Pendle Top

Pendle Summit

Icy Road
Icy Road
The Start

Friday afternoon and upon arrival in Barley, a heavy hail/snow shower was in attendance. As it tailed off, we started our walk at 14:30hrs, alongside two first-timers from Blackburn. A challenging day to make your first aquaintance with a snowy hill.

Hail Shower

Hail/Snow Shower

The shower with its NW to SE track is on its way to Burnley and beyond. Clear weather follows and we are walking in the fresh snow.

Icy Rocks
Icy Rocks
The Downham Route

Quite cold as we reached the top of the steps.

Pendle Clouds


Molly snow


The Others

Pendle Snow

Pendle Top

Sunset on Pendle

Sunset View

Blacko Tower

Blacko Tower

Stansfield Tower (aka Blacko Tower) and Foulridge further away.

Molly The Collie


Pendle Sunset


Not quite the sunset time, but near enough. Pendle is always best in white!

Heading Home

Molly n' Me from the roadside, up the steps, summit, back down the steps. Cold and sunny on top, 1hr and 45 mins of good fun.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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