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~Pendle Hill~

26th March 2015

Pendle Summut

Pendle Summit

Here we go ...

Sunset 23rd March 2015

Sunset 23rd March 2015

Sunset 24th March

Sunset 24th March 2015

And hoping for a hat-trick, the plan was to climb Pendle Hill on Wednesday March 25th.

Sunrise 25th March 2015

Sunrise 06:25hrs 25th March 2015

Three Trees Molly

A couple of photos from the early morning walk with Molly: Three Trees and Molly with Burnley in the background.

Pendle Hill

And one from the lunch time leg stretch. The Pendle walk started at 17:00hrs from the roadside.

Lower Black Moss Barley Hill
Lower Black Moss
Barley Hill


Approaching Sunset

A haziness preceeds the decline of the sun behind an advancing front. You simply cannot win them all!

Molly Collie

Melancholic Molly

Molly realises that the sunset run is over and that we will have to wait for another day to get the best sky views.

Pendle Sunset Summit with Dog
Pendle Sunset

Today's walk took 1hr and 20 minutes.

Molly on the Wall

Molly on the Wall

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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