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~Todmorden to Sowerby Bridge~

31st October 2015


Hebden Bridge Railway Station

This walk is as level as a walk along The Norfolk Broads, but it is in the territory of The South Pennines. Autumn brings out some of nature's favourite colours and that's what I've come to see.

Pendle Hill

On the early morning leg stretch I considered making it a Pendle walk, but decided to leave that for another day and so Molly and I headed for Todmorden to take a walk along the Rochdale Canal.

Rochdale Canal

The Rochdale Canal

The plan is to walk as far as Hebden Bridge and catch the train back. A walk I've done more than once previously. If the photos seem a little repetitive, it's probably because they are, but that's the nature of a canal walk.

If the towpath is on the left, we are looking forward and if the towpath is on the right the view is behind us. The arrow directs traffic past an underwater obstruction. Molly is trying to work out why there is not a reflction of the traffic sign...



Bridge 22

Bridge 22

The walk started at Bridge 30. The canal was opened fully in 1804 and ran from Sowerby Bridge to Manchester.

Railway Overbridge

The railway opened in 1841. Just think if things had been invented in a different order: no canals if the railways had come first; no railways if cars and lorries had arrived sooner.

Hebden Bridge

I called at the railway station to study timetables and catch the return train.

Hebden Bridge Trains

Trains at Hebden Bridge

There are usually two trains an hour between the two stations. I took lunch at the station cafe, with the comfort of a trainspotter's view. Both trains are moving; the coloured lights give away their direction of travel. Oh why not walk the next six miles and carry on to Sowerby Bridge?


The towpath has changed sides.




We walked past Luddendenfoot where two huge mills used to be situated. Soon we are on the opposite side of the canal to Denholme Mill, home of Springfield Camping.

Denholme Mill

Denholme Mill

A "Ratcliffe" family firm (not a known relation) used to make blankets here.


Bridge 4

Bridge 4

Bridge 3

Time for a zoomed photo of this ultra-Autumnal scene!

Bridge 3

Autumn on The Rochdale Canal

A walk with no measurable ascent, indeed a little descent with every lock. But this is as good a walk as I can imagine in this part of West Yorkshire at this time of year.

Nearly There

Sowerby Bridge Mill


Sowerby Railway Station

Sowerby Bridge Railway Station

Once again, this is the countryside on our doorstep.

12 miles along The Rochdale Canal from Todmorden Railway Station to Sowerby Bridge Railway Station.

Refreshments taken at the cafe on Hebden Bridge Station and Sowerby Bridge Market.

Return train: £2.90.

All photos are copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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