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~St.Sunday Circular~

2nd January 2017

St Sunday Crag

St.Sunday Crag

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Cow Bridge Parking Arnison Crag
Parking at Cow Bridge (Brotherswater)
Arnison Crag

This walk starts at 08:00hrs from Cow Bridge. I was going to park at Deepdale Bridge (right photo, near the pink bales), but knowing that this would be a circular walk, it was better to do the little bit of road walking in the quiet of pre-dawn, rather than the expected frenzy of the late afternoon dash for home.

Wall End

Access Lane to Wall End, Deepdale

The plan is to ascend St.Sunday Crag via the East Ridge, the start of the climb will be at the foot of Coldcove Gill.

Coldcove Gill

Coldcove Gill

The path is clear to see, Latterhaw Crag on the left.

Angletarn Pikes (left) await the morning sun; Lord's Seat (right) ahead is a named crag on the east ridge.

He's got a dog with him...

Did you see the sheep?

Gavel Pike

Gavel Pike



The view to the north east over sunlit Birks (fell).

To St.Sunday Crag

There is nothing to complain about when walking on St.Sunday Crag! That which troubled you yesterday, won't bother you here.

Far Eastern Fells


The line of fells beyond the Lakeland group are the North Pennines.

St.Sunday Summit Helvellyn

Molly at the summit and a view to Helvellyn. Oh, I could write a hundred or more words to describe how it feels to be up here, but the photos will surely suffice...



To Fairfield

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in a strange world away from the freedom of the hills and mountains. But I have my own key and it's good to get these day releases when the opportunity arises.

St.Sunday Crag

Looking Back

Back in the cold air on the way up to Fairfield, via Cofa Pike; 750ft of ascent.

Cofa Pike St.Sunday Crag

A random accident of history has left large boulders precariously positioned on the side of Cofa Pike (left) and the classic view of St,Sunday Crag and Cofa Pike from Fairfield.

Fairfield Top

Fairfield Summit Territory


To Hart Crag

A great stretch of fellwalking over the gentle descending path to the col en route to Hart Crag.

Hart Crag

Hart Crag

Usual photos at the summit, but there is a limit to the quantity any webpage should reveal.

To Dove Crag

Dove Crag Summit
Dove Crag Summit
To Little Hart Crag

At this point I changed the plan from descending back to the car via Dovedale to continuing the fellwalk over to Little Hart Crag.

Little Hart Crag Summit

Molly on top of Little Hart Crag 2,091ft asl

Icy pools on Little Hart Crag and then the walk down to the summit of High Hartsop Dodd. It always amuses me when box-tickers claim to have climbed a mountain, when all they have done is cross a ridge or even walked downhill to get to the top. We are summit visiting, not mountain climbing at this point.

High Hartsop Dodd

Molly on the top of High Hartsop Dodd 1,702ft asl

Statistically, this is Molly's first "new" summit on today's walk, all the others have felt the weight of her paws on previous occasions. So, to celebrate I got the "JetBoil" out and prepared to make a brew. Sadly, only once the water had boiled, I discovered that I was no longer in possession of my little pack of foil-wrapped teabags. I fear they remain on Fairfield and apologise to the walking community for littering. Maybe, I'll go back soon to try and find them...


To Brotherswater

Now for a very steep descent to Brotherswater, potential site for a zip-wire, perhaps.

Hartsop Dodd Gritters
Hartsop Dodd

Did you know that the gritting operation in certain areas is controlled by SatNav? The driver follows a pre-determined route and the salt/grit distribution is operated by computer linked to local satellites. Marvellous, isn't it? Unitl the satellites are hacked by foreign agents...

Dark Dodds



Hartsop Dodd

Hartsop Dodd

And back to the car at 15:00hrs. The Cow Bridge car park now has a National Park voluntary pay opportunity. So you can pop a donation into the box. Curious that the majority of parkers have left their cars outside the car park. If you are not willing to part with a couple of quid for a day's parking, then why not park and stoically not pay, rather than crowd the roadside? Nobody, other than you, will know...

Walkers: Molly The Dog and Me.

Route: Cow Bridge (donation made), Deepdale Bridge, Wall End, Coldcove Gill, Gavel Pike, St.Sunday Crag, Deepdale Hause, Cofa Pike, Fairfield, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd, Hartsop Hall, Brotherswater, Cow Bridge.

Greetings: Wonderfully quiet first 3.5 hours before encountering others from Fairfield onwards. Very popular on the Fairfield routes and lots of happy faces on the summit territory.

Weather: Cool, clear and sunny. A beautiful day for any outdoor activity.

Time Taken: 7 hours a distance of about 11.5 miles.

Happy New Year to all website visitors.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2017 ©

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