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~Meal Fell from Orthwaite~

16th July 2020

Molly Meal Fell

Molly on top of Meal Fell


Orthwaite Hall

My plan for this short holiday was to walk new routes and visit certain felltops from different directions to those which I had taken previously. The weather declined from the forecast I had relied upon the week before when making my booking; but there's no point dwelling on that and so today it was to be Meal Fell from Orthwaite. There is parking for four cars in front of Orthwaite Farm with an honesty box for those willing to pay a little for parking on the neatly concreted, private ground.

Horsemoor Hills

Jo Hall and Amber have put their names forward for this simple adventure; Wainwright promises pleasant walking and interesting scenery on this short journey into the Uldale Fells.

Interesting Scenery

Ideal for bracken enthusiasts. It wasn't long before we spotted cow dung on the path and in the murk was a herd of Belted Galloways. My limited experience of these cows is that they are fairly placid, we gave them a wide berth and proceeded safely to Trusmadoor.

Burntod Gill

Burntod Gill



Trusmadoor is the name of the gap between Great Cockup and Meal Fell, a lone kestrel hovered above looking for small prey in the long grass. Molly wanted to go up Great Cockup, but Meal Fell is the primary target and if time allows we will aim for GC later.

Jo and Amber

A circular wall shelter adorns the top of Meal Fell. The highest point is a short distance away.

Molly Meal Fell

Molly on top of Meal Fell 1,804ft asl

Great Sca Fell

Molly on top of Great Sca Fell 2,131ft asl

24 minutes and 460ft of ascent between the first two fells. Route finding was quite easy on the well trodden path up to Great Sca Fell summit. If there was more to say, I would say it; but there isn't, so I won't.


Molly on top of Knott 2,329ft asl

23 minutes later after another 250ft of ascent we find oursleves at the highest point of today's walk. Wainwright has some interesting suggestions as to how to spend your time atop Knott - a game of cricket being one proposition. Rucksacs for goalposts? Hide and seek?



Now, 45 minutes later after a route-finding challenge across the bland landscape of Burn Tod to find the only marked path on the OS map. The path leads back down to Trusmadoor for an ascent of Great Cockup, much to Molly's delight after her earlier disappointment.

Molly Great Cockup

Molly on top of Great Cockup 1,726ft asl

More excitement as Molly reaches the only top on today's round that she has not previously bagged.



Back under the clouds and a few views before we get back to the cars.




Walkers: Jo Hall & Amber, Molly and Me.

Time taken: 5hrs 15mins over a distance of about 8 miles.

Route: Orthwaite, above Brockle Crag, Burntod Gill, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott, Burn Tod, Trusmadoor, Great Cockup, Orthwaite.

Weather and conditions: Misty most of the way.

Refreshments: None

Causey Pike


All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2020 ©

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