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~Pendle Hill~

18th December 2021

Molly Pendle

Molly on top of Pendle Hill

Every now and then, less often than a Blue Moon, the weather conditions provide a wonderful experience to anyone lcuky enough to get above the low-lying mist. It's a gamble because you don't know if your target hill will be high enough to get above the mist or the conditions might change as your walk progresses.



The walk started at 0825hrs in the village of Roughlee. These railings have been painted white for my whole lifetime! I cannot remember them any other way. I wonder who keeps them in such good order? Peter Ratcliffe joins me and Molly for this hike up Pendle.

Barley Village Hall

Barley Village Hall

We walked along the riverside from Roughlee to Barley and then we take the road up to Ogden Reservoirs, seen here to the right of the village hall.

Misty Path Water play

You can get away from the tarmac and walk within the reservoir boundary of Lower Ogden Res. It seems to be permitted by the water authority, I'm sure they would tell you if it was not allowed. Molly takes a dip in the pool above Lower Ogden Res.


At the time of walking, there is a path closure at Upper Ogden Res. and the diversion takes you up and over then back to the familiar route into Ogden Clough. We ascend up the side of Boar Clough and just ahead of the Rowan tree, we emerge from the mist. I reckon the mist ceiling was about 1300ft asl.

Fog Bow Peter an Molly

Boar Clough Route

As we emerged from the mist, we saw a feint "fog bow" and then we were in "warm" sunshine. These conditions are often referred to as a "temperature inversion"...cold air is trapped beneath warmer air above. Usuallly it gets cooler as you ascend, but not on days like these!

Molly on Pendle Hill

Molly on top of Pendle Hill

Everywhere we looked was a blanket of pure white mist.

Misty under Pendle

Molly looks for Skipton....

We head off to the north to view the mists without the brightness of the sun in our faces.

Misty Ribble Valley


The lake of mist extends over to the Yorkshire peaks. We create a Brocken Spectre, maybe not the best I've ever seen, but it's rare to create them on Pendle due to the local geography. We could see the prominent outline of the high Lakeland peaks.

Pendle Inversion


Pendle Steps

Down the Steps

We make our way down the steps and back into the mist.

To Barley

To Barley

We head for Barley and refreshments at The Cabin.

To Roughlee

To Roughlee

Walkers: Peter R., Molly and Me.

Time taken: 4hrs 20mins over a distance of about 65. miles, including the R&R at The Cabin.

Refreshment Review: The Cabin provides a warm reception and good food.

Route: Roughlee, Barley, Ogden Reservoirs, Boar Clough, Pendle Summit, down the steps, fields to Barley and back along the river to Roughlee.

Weather and conditions: Misty up to 1300ft and then sunny and warm-ish.


All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2021 ©

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