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23rd September 2010

"Showers or longer periods of rain" "Some of the showers may merge to give longer periods of rain" "You might be lucky and get no rain at all" "In light wind, the showers will be slower moving" Ah well, it might not be raining in Buttermere, so let's have a drive over there and see if we fancy a walk around the lake....


The Pines

Scroll down for photos and a description of the deluge

Crummuck water

Crummock Water

On the final approach to Buttermere, I stopped the car and took this photo of Crummock Water with Mellbreak behind. A gap in the clouds gave us cause for optimism that the rain would keep away. We parked at the NT car park nr Buttermere village.


The Start

Unfortunately, just after we left the car, the heavens opened. The optimism was mis-placed, but nevermind, it could ease off.



It's raining.

Buttermere Buttermere
Fallen Tree



It's still raining.

Buttermere Buttermere
Haystacks (fell in cloud)
Hen Comb (peak in the distance)


The Dog

Most of the way from the start of the lake walk and then until close to Gatesgarth, we were accompanied by the dog (above). Uncollared and nonchalant to all around, the dog wandered under the gate at Low Gatesgarth and presumably went home. A self-walking dog, can't be bad. Next thing will be to give the pooch a few little bags for the clean-up operations.


The Buttermere Pines

It remains wet.


Day Off

The new management decided not to bother.

Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike

Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike

It appears to be a "longer period of rain". But not too long after this photo, the rain eased and we could fold up the brollies. That was until it started raining again.


The Walkers

Observors will notice that I have a new waterproof jacket; I have joined the reds.

Fleetwith Pike


Syke Farm

Syke Farm Cafe, Buttermere

The walkers deserved a cuppa and a sandwich after the wet-weather alternative to fellwalking.

Wainwright Window

Wainwright Window, St.James Church, Buttermere

We lifted our eyes and saw, not Haystacks, but low clouds and rain. It was good to see the window whose repair I helped to fund by virtue of the donation I (and many others) made after it was damaged a couple of years ago.

St James Church Buttermere

St.James Church


It's Raining Again

Back to the car. It was raining very hard over Honister and the road up to the Pass was completely awash with a torrent of rainwater, coming off Fleetwith Pike.

Walkers: Karen and Me

Time taken: 2hrs over a distance of approx. 5miles.

Route: Around the lake in a clockwise rotation.

Weather and conditions: Rain, more rain, even more rain, then less rain, then more rain again and finishing with heavy rain.

Greetings Count: Quite a number of cheery holidaymakers. I was a little surprised that we were in the minority carrying umbrellas, I reckon it's better than wearing a hood all the way around.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Tea and sandwiches at Syke Farm Cafe. Refurbished since my last visit a few years ago, this place has a good daytime menu, but a rather odd seating plan, most tables being upstairs. This baffled me, there is room for more seating downstairs and it makes more work for the staff, carrying the trays etc.

Buttermere Wainwright

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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