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~Catlow Bottoms~

7th August 2010

Another wet day and a long wait for confidence to grow sufficiently for the boots to go on. At almost 4pm, I ventured out and went in search of some new paths in the direction of Nelson, another walk from home...

John Wesley

Where did he preach?

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Pendle Hill

The Start

The fields behind the house and the view towards Pendle Hill, I'll be turning right at the wall.

Marsden Height Trig

A lonely unloved trig point sits at the high point close to home 880 ft asl, an area popular with mobile phone networks.

Nelson Golf Course

Nelson Golf Course

The footpath crosses the fairway, out of the sight of players taking their second shots on this hole, it's a risky business. After the golf course it's onto the main road and away in the direction of fields east of Nelson.

Catlow Bottoms

Catlow Bottoms

In the centre of the photo is woodland that hides the little settlement of Catlow Bottoms. I will make my way there by heading around to the left and out of the range of this photo.



This corner of Nelson is just about as much as we need to see just now. The weather is closing in and I've not brought a coat.

Walverden Reservoir

Walverden Reservoir

Full and I am guessing it's not part of the local water supply network.


Memory Jogger

The sweet smell of Privet blossom, perfect reminder of many years ago and running around the garden as a young child.

Cloned Cows


They do have a look of each other and it's been all over the news recently.



Here it comes again, another lovely summer's day. Fortunately, not for long.

Southfield Methodist Church

Quite a distance from anywhere. The chapel is housed in a barn, it was converted by the owner, William Sagar c. 1797 and the chapel is still in use. John Wesley woz 'ere. From here it was across a field and down through Catlow, to the Bottoms. Note how the photographer used the leaves to hide the vehicle's registration plate.

Catlow Bottoms

Catlow Bottoms

Stepping stones and a ford. No need for the "Stones" police to visit (see Daily Mail article on Stepping Stones), these are very safe.

Catlow Bottoms

The Cottages

Within the woods are just a few cottages at Catlow Bottoms.

Pendle Hill

Foxglove and Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

A Little Sunlight

From here, I walk through Lane Bottom and up to Haggate, before dropping into Harle Syke, close to home.

Lane Bottom

Cottages in Lane Bottom

Many old 18th or 19th Century cottages in the Lane Bottom area, this is Walverden Road and the track leads down to the reservoir seen earlier in the report. Nice to find such a scene without cars (nearly), pity about the tarmac, plastic door, double glazing and tv aerials.

Reading Room

Reading Rooms at Haggate

Not reading rooms anymore, but the residents might read in certain rooms, so you never know.

Briercliffe Road

Briercliffe Road - a little road walking down the hill. Briercliffe is an area, considered part of Burnley and comprising several small villages/hamlets, such as Harle Syke, Haggate and Lane Bottom; plus a few farmsteads.

Little Toms Farm

Little Toms Farm

I am just about home, it's 50 yards to the left, behind the trees. I think I made reasonable use of a couple of hours on a cloudy, damp day. The third consecutive walk reported on the webiste which was taken within reach of home.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 2hr 26mins over a distance of approx. 5.5 miles.

Route: Home, Nelson Golf Course, Walverden Reservoir, Southfield, Catlow and its Bottoms, Lane Bottom, Haggate, Harle Syke and behind the houses to home.

Weather and conditions: Grey and periodically damp.

Greetings Count: One greeting to a man with dogs, 2 minutes into the walk. The only other dog walkers chose not to offer greetings, I'll forgive these two on such a grey day.

Richard's Refreshment Review: A bottle of Coniston Bluebird when I got home.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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