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31st December 2011

Roughlee Water

Roughlee Weir

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Wet road

Hillingdon Road, Burnley

Things to do on yet another wet day during the Christmas Holidays:

Go to the sales and buy another something you don't need? Watch yet another repeat on the tv?

Visit more relatives? Finish the decorating? Stay in bed all day? Go for a No.2?

Blacko Tower

Blacko Tower

I went for the No.2. It's a local bus that goes from the bottom of our avenue all the way to Higherford. I then decided to go for a walk on pavements, avoiding all muddy fields and the like.

Blacko Laiths

Blacko Latihs

It's raining in all the photos during this walk. Left is for Roughlee, right is for Gisburn and straight on is for Downham.

Admergill Water

Admergill Water on Wheathead Lane

I took the Downham route which follows Wheathead Road.

Black Moss Road

Black Moss Road

What on earth am I doing? Water drips off my hat onto my face, moisture is running down my neck. My waterproof trousers are slightly less so. The camera lens is wet, my boots are leaky and morale is low.


More Water

Wet Man

Another Fool


Lower Black Moss

Puddle of The Day award goes to the above, close to Lower Black Moss Reservoir.

Reservoir Overflow

The Dig

That's the site where they think Witches may have used to live.

Pendle Inn

Pendle Inn

Swollen brook in Barley, passing Pendle Inn.

The Cabin, Barley

The Cabin, Barley

Pendle Water

Pendle Water at White Hough

I had a brew and butty in The Cabin, Barley and then followed the back road through White Hough before crossing the bridge (above) and following the river to Roughlee.

Roughleee Info

Information Board

Roughlee Weir

Roughlee Weir


Pasture Lane, Roughlee

I decided to follow the tarmac for Barrowford, no chance of me using the fields.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

I've drawn in Pendle Hill from this viewpoint on Pasture Lane.

No.2 Bus

No.2 Bus

Upon arriving in Barrowford, I found that a No.2 was due. I'm wet through and in mood to turn down the opportunity for a quick trip home.

Bring Me Sunshine, in your smile

Bring me laughter, all the while .....

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 3hrs over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Higherford bus turnaround, Blacko Laiths, Wheathead Lane, Black Moss, Barley, White Hough, Roughlee, Pasture Lane to Barrowford.

Weather and conditions: Wet

Greetings Count: Just a few other hardy souls, also dodging the soggy footpaths.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Meaty breakfast butty at The Cabin - good place!

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Hi Richard, sorry to disappoint you but I have nothing better to do this evening than view your rather wet walk! You must have been desperate for a bit of fresh air! Lol. We were luckier down here with a walk in dry bright weather, we also passed a reservoir but the water levels there were the lowest I have ever seen them! Happy New Year to you & yours .... Angie E.

I might have looked too had I dared to go near the computer! Raining here now you will be pleased to hear ,,, when it gets here it's probably clearing from the West! We have had mostly dry mornings lately and even elusive splashes of sunshine. You folks that live near them there hills are bound to get more 'weather' than us! Good you got out. We have only managed a walk by the sea with icy eye-watering wind blurring the views! Happy New Year ,,, Spring is on the way! from Jill R.

Hardy souls indeed. It's just stopped raining here after almost three days....Well done for getting out Richard...I think six miles is good going on a day like that...We had been hoping to get up to the Lakes over Xmas, if only for a day, but no chance.

Please don't allude to my characters in vain,
I'm impressed you tried to walk in the rain,
Not many do that, just me and you,
Goodness me you were close to Pooh:-))
AKA a bloke from Silsden. ... from Mr.Dimmock (I presume).

Well done on getting out. I can't remember a spell for a long time with such vile and horrible weather. Even if the sun comes out now, the moors will probably need a few days to dry out. I went out in the local park the other day and came back looking like I'd done a 10 mile moorland trail! Happy New Year. Things can only get better! from Simon H.

A wet walk indeed Richard. from Alan Kilduff -

Well done for getting out Richard. We did manage a walk on New years day and then on the monday the weather was very cold but a lovely blue sky, so we did a 20 mile bike ride. 5 miles of it was on bridleways !!!!!!!!!! had to push the bike (well, Bill had to push his and mine) in some places, then i fell off into the mud, say no more LOL from Sherran.

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