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~Pendle Hill~

29th December 2011

Pendle Summit

The Top

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Things to do on a (another) wet and windy day during the Christmas Holidays:

Go to the sales and buy something you don't need? Watch another repeat on the tv?

Visit relatives? Do a spot of decorating? Stay in bed all day? Read a book? Each unto their own...


Barley Water

Here the waters of Ogden Clough and those coming through the village meet and it's busier than usual. Start time is 13:50hrs and even though it's windy, I have a feeling it won't rain too much.

Ogden Road

Black Stuff

The track up to Lower Ogden Reservoir has been tarmaced. I wonder why?

Lower Ogden Reservoir

Lower Ogden Reservoir

This is the first time I can recall seeing water in this channel.

Upper Ogden Overflow

Upper Ogden Reservoir Overflow

Ogden Reservoirs

Ogden Reservoirs

Boar Clough

Boar Clough



I reckon that since the office door was locked on Thursday 22nd December, there has been less than one hour of direct susnhine, wherever I've been. I'll get rickets!

Black Moss

Black Moss

Up here on the top, there is a challenge remaining upright. There has been one shower and another is on the way. It's character building.

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

And then along came the horizontal rain to accompany the gale force winds. It's spooky up here when there's nobody else around and you can't keep on your feet ground. I made a dash for the wall and took cover until the shower passed.

Pendle Steps

The Top of the Steps

Barley Fields

The Fields to Barley

I found a phone on top of the hill. Using my detective skills, I made one call and the owner offered to meet me at the car park in 20 minutes. Now if it had been one of them there smart phones, would I still have sought to return it to the owner?

Mobile Phone

The Phone

Of course I would!

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 2hr 12 mins over a distance of about 5 miles.

Route: Barley, Ogden Reservoirs, Boar Clough, The Summit, The Steps, fields to Barley.

Weather and conditions: Mightily windy and a couple of unwelcome showers on the top.

Greetings Count: Absolute Zero!

That's 54 times to the top of Pendle Hill and that's it for 2011.

54 ascents; 207 miles of walking; 54,200 ft of ascent; 4 Mondays, 9 Tuesdays, 9 Wednesdays, 10 Thursdays, 10 Fridays, 7 Saturdays & 5 Sundays.

90 hours of walking, plus "say" 30 hours getting there and back, usually by car - that's 5 whole days of Pendling!

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