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~Worsthorne to Home~

4th August 2010

Blue skies in short supply, typical August you might say. However by the middle of the evening, the sky was clearing after the daily downpour and I got a lift to the village of Worsthorne, close to Burnley. From here, I found a cross-country route to home with a good view over the town...

Hurstwood Hall

Hurstwood Hall

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Worsthorne Church

The Start

Dropped off in Worsthorne village centre, I took a quick pic of the church to confirm my start time. This is the church of St.John the Evangelist; it's 19:25 hrs and I need to get a move on, I said I'd be home in 2hrs and the light will fade. An England Football Team Manager was born in Worsthorne, but do you know which one?


Flagged Path

I went straight on to the path to neighbouring Hurstwood. Completely the opposite way to home, but Hurstwood is a charming little hamlet and has one or two buildings of historical interest.


Burnley (South)

On the way across the fields I took this photo across the southern end of Burnley. The steeple belonged to Manchester Road Methodist Church, the church has long gone, but the steeple was preserved, with credit on a plaque to local JP, Thomas Cook (no relation to travel agency). Note the tree on the horizon in the top right. Why? Dunno, just caught my eye.

Hurstwood Hall

Hurstwood Hall

Built by Barnard Towneley in 1579. Just around the corner Elizabethan Poet, Edmund Spenser lived and wrote poems. Apparently.

Hurstwood Church

Hurstwood Church



What a difference a little sunlight makes, to moods and landscapes. I'm looking back to Hurstwood as the path climbs up alongside woods which hide the local reservoir from view.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Maybe I fooled viewers into thinking this would be a "Pendle-Free" report; it's not to be.

Hurstwood Reservoir

Hurstwood Reservoir

I sneaked through the wood to take a look at the water level. It doesn't look too bad. Those bumps over there are not drumlins; it's the stuff they dug out to make the reservoir, presumably.

Pony and Pendle

Pendle 'n Pony

I am about to cross an ancient way, known as Gorple Road. It leads from Worsthorne (left, out of pic) to Widdop Reservoir and so towards Hardcastle Crags and Hebden Bridge. There are two stone circles in this area, that are reportedly difficult to find. I can confirm that this is the case.

Stanley Mill

Stanley Mill

A rare opportunity to take a photo of Stanley Mill from the east. No, the mill does not have a spire; that's St.Andrew's Church in the same area of Burnley - Duke Bar. Do not adjust your sets, it's a bit hazy.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

The sun is starting to set.


Sun Rays

Swinden Bottom

Swinden Bottom

Having past Swinden Reservoirs without getting any decent photos in the fading light, I briefly join the road to Haggate from Worsthorne and turn off in the dip, known as Swinden Bottom. The next country path will take me to Lee Green Reservoir.

Lee Green Reservoir

Lee Green Reservoir

Then up the hill, across a field to one of Burnley's old halls, Extwistle Hall. Unoccupied and approaching complete dilapidation, English Heritage list this building as being one of those at "most risk". Not sure who owns it, it really is in a sorry state; it is boarded up and fenced in, to stop wandering webpage writers from taking a closer look.

Extwistle Hall Extwistle Hall

Extwistle Hall

Pendle Hill

My route takes me downhill along the mown field and into the woods, before climbing up to Misty Haulgh and then to Harle Syke, close to where we live.

River Don

River Don, Burnley

The light was fading fast and I am approaching home, close to Harle Syke in Burnley. The river which flows down the Thursden Valley is known as the River Don, it joins with and becomes part of the River Brun a couple of miles further on. No more photos, it's been a good evening's walk over quite a few new paths.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 1hr 59mins over a distance of approx. 5 miles.

Route: Worsthorne Centre, Hurstwood, Hurstwood Reservoir, across Gorple Road, Swinden Bottom, Lee Green Reservoir, Extwistle Hall, River Don and Misty Haulgh, up to Harle Syke and behind the houses to home.

Weather and conditions: A pleasant sunset, gentle breeze.

Greetings Count: Nil.

Richard's Refreshment Review: One small Bottle of Bud when I got home.

Ron Greenwood was born in Worsthorne.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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