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~Destination Padiham~

2nd April 2010

Good Friday and the forecast is for a wet afternoon, so it was a case of get out early and pick a destination. The route I took from home led me on a trip down memory lane....

Road Sign Padiham

Padiham Bridge

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Lucas Playing Fields

Lucas Playing Fields

In the good old days, Burnley had big employers such as Lucas and Michelin and both of these had their own playing fields. The Lucas Sports Club was adjacent to my family home (not shown here), so when I was little I spent many hours watching football and cricket within the excellent facilities. Lucas disintegrated and the bit parts left did not want to, or could not afford to, look after the playing fields. It has been left in this state for much more than a decade now. A disgrace.

Reedley Drive

Reedley Drive

I lived up here for 19 years and my parents owned "Grey Court" for 34 years

Grey Court

Grey Court c.1970

That's probably me lying on the lawn, difficult to say. It's Grandpa Ratcliffe on the left and sister Helen sat on the lawn. It looks quite different today and in respect of the current owners' privacy, I didn't lean over the gates and take any photos.

Prairie Fields

The Prairie Fields, Burnley

I used to play footy on here. That's our mill chimney over there. I had my photo taken roughly where I'm stood now, about 40 years ago.

Boys on Prairie

Me and Peter

This photo was taken before the football pitches were carved out of the fields, the fence behind us borders the railway line.

Local Railway

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

Down in the woods near the railway, there are clues about the railway's history. This was an important route from Lancashire to Yorkshire; from Preston to Skipton via all the East Lancashire Towns. Now it's single track and stops at Colne, somewhat less important now.

Railway Line

The Line

Railway Society

The Society

Canal and Pendle Hill

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Pendle Hill can be seen in the distance, I've left the railway line behind and next stop is the river.

Barden Lane Bridge

New-In-Pendle Bridge

Well, that's its name and it was rebuilt in 1904. I will now follow the river to Padiham. It's Pendle Water at this point and becomes the River Calder after its confluence with the same, a little further on.

River Calder

The River Calder

Well, one of them, there's another one o'er th'ills. The Calder flows through Burnley and this river is a major tributary of the Ribble, joining forces just beyond Whalley.

Pendle Hall

Pendle Hall

Football Training

Football Training

Here you can see Gawthorpe Hall, a National Trust property close to Padiham. These footballers belong to Burnley FC and I think it's the youth team squad, this is part of BFC's training ground.

Padiham River

River Calder, Padiham

This is my destination and I'm stood on Padiham Bridge, again rebuilt in 1904. Padiham warrants a page on Wikipedia.

Padiham Town Hall

Padiham Town Hall

Fine public building. There's a small notice on the front door explaining that the monthly swimming club meeting is due to take place and that entry is via a side door. It tells readers which numbers to press on the keypad so that they can gain entry. Lax security, non-swimmers and imposters could infiltrate the meeting! I was expecting to take the bus back, but in the event, surprisingly, one of my sons had actually got out of bed before noon and he came over and took me home.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 2hrs over a distance of approx. 5 miles.

Route: Home, Reedley Drive, Prairie Fields, Oliver Ings Bridge, New-In-Pendle Bridge, Pendle Water, River Calder to Padiham.

Weather and conditions: Sunny Intervals.

Greetings Count: No one about until I got close to Padiham, where there were plenty of dog walkers.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Nothing to report today.

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