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~Longlands & Brae~

3rd September 2010

Two "Fells" in the north of the Northern Fells group. Not a walk I would travel all the way from home to do, but I've pitched the tent at Buttermere and this late afternoon excursion was a good way to warm up for the main event, tomorrow. Of Longlands Fell, AW said "Anybody who cannot manage this short and simple climb is advised to give up the idea of becoming a fellwalker." Maybe it's a bit late now, but how did I get on?

Brae Fell

Brae Fell

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Longlands Fell

The "Old Road"

Leaving the small car parking area at Longlands, I took the old road heading for Greenhead. The route up Longlands Fell leaves this track after about half a mile. I was optimistic that given my start time of 16:10, I would have the place to myself.

Longlands Fell

Two Walkers

Not so, very soon I met two cheerful, mature walkers on their way off Longlands Fell.

Brae Fell

Brae Fell (l) and Little Sca Fell (r)

On the way up Longlands Fell and no serious difficulties encountered. You can tell it's rather hazy.

Longlands Fell

Longlands Fell Summit

I'm somewhat relieved that I've passed this test for the Fellwalker. Just here, I solitary lady walker passed me as I studied the "Brown" book. I was trying to work out why the next bump, close at hand and higher, was not the subject of the chapter, which would have otherwise been called Lowthwaite Fell. Not to worry.

Lowthwaite Fell

Longlands Fell from Lowthwaite Fell

I'd decided that Longlands Fell and Brae Fell, by the shortest route would be too short a walk, so I added the tops of Lowthwaite Fell, here and Little Sca Fell, next.

Little Sca Fell

Little Sca Fell

The apparently highest hill as you look is Little Sca Fell. Just behind and actually higher is Great Sca Fell - further away and even higher is Knott. Lower is higher, in this case.

Little Sca Fell

Little Sca Fell

The summit of Little Sca Fell, not a chapter in itself in Book Five. The adjacent top, out of photo is Great Sca Fell does merit a healthy 10 pages. I've been to GSF previously and don't feel inclined to go there just now.

Brae Fell

Brae Fell

The approach to Brae Fell from here holds no secrets.

Brae Fell

Me on top of Brae Fell

I'm thrilled to have reached another fell top, not too many more to go.

Brae Fell

Charleton Gill


Binsey and Over Water - in the haze

I made my way back to Longlands and another walk is complete. Not my favourite type of fellwalking, but it was pleasant enough walking, quite warm and not too many folk about.



Taken on the way back to Buttermere. I stand to be corrected, but I think the fell is Mellbreak.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 2hrs 15 mins over a distance of approx. 5.5 miles.

Route: Longlands, Longlands Fell, Lowthwaite Fell, Great Sca Fell, Brae Fell, across Charleton Gill and back along the "Old Road" to Longlands.

Weather and conditions: Warm and hazy.

Greetings Count: Two gents, one lady and two runners later on.

Richard's Refreshment Review: No review today. It was burgers with onions back at the tent.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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