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~Preston Railway Walk~

5th November 2011

What to do on a Saturday when the main plan is for Sunday and you don't want to drive very far? Well this outcome wasn't planned and just took shape as the day went on.

Railway Lines

Parallel Lines

Scroll down for photos and a description of the day....

Preston Railway Station

Preston Railway Station

I had driven down to Brierfield Railway Station with a view to taking a walk to Padiham and beyond and then catching the train back. However, as soon as I got out of the car, the level crossing barriers came down and a train appeared from the Colne direction. So, I got on it and decided to go to Preston.

Preston Corn Exchange

Corn Exchange

I had a wander around. It is becomming increasingly difficult to photograph an urban scene without the presence of wheelie bins.

War Memorial

Preston Cenotaph

Avenham Park, Preston

Avenham Park, Preston

After due consideration, I decided to walk to Bamber Bridge station along some of the trackbed of the old "shorter route" from BB to Preston. But first a look at the parkland. Avenham Park and neighbouring Miller Park are valuable open spaces and should make Prestonians proud.

Miller Park

Miller Park

The Earl of Derby presides over the park.

Miller Park

Miller Park - Looking Back

The bridge separating the parks carried the trains on the old railway into Preston. I'm not sure why the "shorter route" was discontinued but my limited research suggests it served a platform north of the current station and was probably not in the most convenient place.

Preston Railway Station

Preston Railway Station

From Miller Park, it is possible to reach the boundary fence and watch the trains, if that's your thing. A two-car service leaves Platform 2.



A Virgin Pendolino arrives at Platfrom 3. In my younger days, I would stand at the end of Platform 3 with others (who prefer not to be named) and we would wait for Class 50's hauling the Glasgow trains from London. Later it was Class 87's. I'm sure those trains had much more character than these beasts - and they made more noise.

Avenham Park

The River Ribble

The River Ribble flows under the "old" railway bridge, which I'm about to walk across.

Preston Railway Viaduct

Preston Railway Viaduct

There's plenty of water in the river after heavy rainfall the evening before.

Railway Walk

Railway Walk

This route is now a Sustrans cycle route. Birch trees seem to like old railway tracks, they're always first in.

"Find Brook"

"Find Brook"

If you, reader, "Find Brook", cut me in. I dare say that if I found Brook - the money would go to an animal charity. Upon checking Facebook, I discovered that Brook remains missing. My walk continued along the Old Tram Road to Bamber Bridge - largely now housing estates. Bamber Bridge Railway Station has an unusual signal box.

Bamber Bridge

Bamber Bridge Railway Station

The train, bound for Colne, was soon to arrive on this platform. I took it as far as Burnley Central and then walked along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal back to Brierfield.

Canal Burnley

Old Hall Mill, Burnley

Mill, Burnley

The Canal, Burnley

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Oliver Ings Bridge and Pendle Hill. I've walked up PH once every week since May, but now there is no after work opportunity, this sequence could be coming to an end.

East Lancashire

The Front

West Lancashire has enjoyed more of the sunshine today, over here in East Lancs, it's been a little dull.

Canal Walkers

Canal Walkers


Lob Lane Mill, Brierfield

Occasional feature on this website is Lob Lane Mill and renovation for housing is well under way.



I drove home from Brierfield Station and waited to see what sort of sunset we might get. The lower surface of the frontal cloud is illuminated by sunrays reaching over the cumulus on the horizon.

Walkers: Just me.

Time taken: Most of the day - 4 miles from Preston to Bamber Bridge; 2 miles from Burnley to Brierfield

Route: As described.

Weather and conditions: Brighter in Preston, duller in Burnley, dry throughout.

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