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~Above Todmorden~

23rd October 2011

Todmorden is in West Yorkshire, just a few miles east of Burnley. On this Sunday afternoon, Karen and I chose to park up in the town and head for the heights.



Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....


Todmorden Viaduct



The market stalls were open on this Sunday afternoon and a busker keeps us entertained. Soon enough we were on our way out of the town.

Todmorden Railway

Over The Railway

Stood on the footbridge, looking in the direction of Hebden Bridge. The points lead to the "curve". There are plans to relay track on the "curve" and reconnect Burnley with Manchester, going through Todmorden station. Currently trains to/from Burnley cannot go through Todmorden station. Perfect timing with the hourly service coming along just as we arrived.

Woodlands Road Todmorden

Woodlands Avenue, Todmorden



After a short and steep climb we find Todmorden Golf Course (behind the camera) and begin to head westwards for views across the valley.



The town hall dominates this aerial view.



One of the farms has several Alpacas. I reviewed these "camelids" on t'internet and I'll offer you one gem: they have communal dung piles where they do not graze. Our local sheep and cows could learn something from these clever beasts.

East Whirlaw Farm

East Whirlaw Farm

and a closer view...

Border Collie

Border Collie

I want one!!!

Old Track

Old Trade Route

Many of the stones were worn in the middle, indicating that this is a very old route across the landscape.



Lydgate is the village to the right of the photo. The Calder Valley runs from Portsmouth, thorugh Cornholme and then into Lydgate before arriving in Todmorden.


Route Down

Still on old trade routes and farmtracks, we begin to head down the hillside.


Todmorden Railway Bridge
Walk View
Under the Railway

Karen noticed and I agreed that the width of the railway bridge seemed to exceed that of a double-track railway and she wondered if there may have been a siding or loop at this point.

Todmorden Park

Centre Vale Park

This large park in Todmorden is ideal for families with small children. Main play areas have been rebuilt in recent times.

New olympia Picture palace

The New Olympia Picture Palace, Todmorden (dec'd)

Latterly it has been a "cheap" supermarket, but now it is nothing very much.

Hartleys Todmorden


The Ratcliffe's had lunch here before the walk and very good it was too.


Walkers: Karen and me.

Time taken: 2hrs 10mins over a distance of about 3.5 miles.

Route: As above, anti-clockwise from beneath the viaduct.

Weather and conditions: Generally overcast.

Greetings Count: We met just a few other walkers on the higher parts of the walk.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Hartley's offer a good range of home-cooked food and the service is with a smile!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2011 ©

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