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~Pendle Hill~

1st September 2010

New month, long walks planned for quite a few days in September, so a little training was in order....

Pendle Hill

Pendle Summiteers

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Pendle Hill

Busy Pendle

After a very fine day, Pendle Hill was a popular destination for an evening stroll. I set off at 18:50, just a little too early for a sunset, but then I wasn't expecting too much as the sky was quite hazy.

Pendle Hill

The Sky

High and wispy stuff over Burnley and Padiham.

Pendle Hill

Out West

Pendle Hill

Website Developers

The four gents on the summit are from a Nelson firm of website designers and developers. They were taking a few promotional photos and if I can find out exactly who they are, I might pop a link on here for their benefit. Lads, get in touch - see the "About Me" page. I don't host adverts on my site, but if I meet others on fell tops, I'll be happy to tell the world about them.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Summit

Today, I was supposed to be hosting a few photos from my brother Peter's ascent of the same day. He did a longer walk from Barley to Downham and I was looking forward to offering new views and angles. Sadly, his battery was flat. That's the camera battery, he managed the walk.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 1hr 2mins over a distance of 2.5 miles.

Route: Shortest route from the roadside near Barley, up the steps on the right and down the track on the left.

Weather and conditions: Hazy sunshine.

Greetings Count: Quite a few others about today, including the chaps on top; everyone enjoying themselves.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Not today.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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