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~Pendle Hill~

21st June 2010

The Summer Solstice....

Barley Hall

and your spelling is correct!

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Barely Car Park

Barley Picnic Area

The whole walk was planned for a look at the sun setting at the most Northerly point in the year.

Lower Ogden

Lower Ogden Reservoir

I walked up past the Ogden Reservoirs and the level in the lower one doesn't look too bad.

Lower Ogden

Lower Ogden Reservoir

Note the shadow of Pendle Hill extending over the dam and onto the fields.

Upper Ogden

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Here in East Lancashire we are told to expect a hosepipe ban within two weeks and the evidence of lack of rainfall is clear to see.

Boar Clough

My Ascent Route up Boar Clough

Bowland Fells

The Bowland Fells

Sunset on Pendle

The Sunset on Pendle Hill

Much, but not all of the sky mess is aircraft trails.


Sunset on Pendle Hill

Lakeland Fells

Lakeland Fells

On 12th April, I was up here and took sunset photos, one of which had fells silhouetted against the setting sun. Clearly now, I can say that the silhouettes were not what I and Peter Burgess thought they were, as the sun is setting short of the bulk of the fells when viewed from here.

Lakeland Sunset

Slightly Larger View

Come on, Peter Burgess, or anyone else, have another go!


Sunset and Trig

I persuaded the throng to move aside but unfortunately they left their flask in view.

Pendle sunset

Sunset and Stile

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset


and a reminder of the sunset on 18th December 2009

Pendle sunset

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 2hrs 10mins over about 5 miles.

Route: Barley to Ogden Reservoirs, up Boar Clough and on to the plateau. Along the top to the stile, down the steps and back down across the fields to Barley.

Weather and conditions: Sunny, cooling off.

Greetings Count: A good few kindred spirits, particularly on top.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Too late for any of that stuff.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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