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~Pendle Hill~

8th September 2010

No specific reason for another ascent of Pendle Hill, other than the fact that a sunset was in prospect....

Pendle Hill

The Runner

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Pendle Hill Mazda mx-5


The walk started at 18:40, sunset time has receded to 19:40, so I will be early for the actual sunset, but there's not much cloud about, so it should be a good view to the west.

Cloud Pendle Hill


Looking east, the shadow of Pendle Hill is cast across nearby fields.

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Summit

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset

Morecambe Bay

A shimmer of sunlight on Morecambe Bay.

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Summit

Pendle Sunset

I lingered and loitered around as there was no wind at all and this is a special place on such evenings.

Pendle Hill

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 1hr 4mins over a distance of 2.5 miles.

Route: Shortest route from the roadside near Barley, up the steps on the right and back down the steps after a wander around.

Weather and conditions: Sunny and calm.

Greetings Count: Quite a few runners and dogwalkers about.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Not today.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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