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~Ilkley to Addingham~

10th September 2011

The River Wharfe flows downstream from Addingham to Ilkley and there is a section of the Dales Way on the south-west bank. I had a plan to park in Addingham and walk to Ilkley for lunch, however a later departure from home meant that it was more practical to drive to Ilkley, grab a bite to eat and then start the walk from there.

River Wharfe

The River Wharfe

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Little Teahouse

the little tea house, Ilkley

As is customary when the Ratcliffes have a trip out, refreshments have to taken at some point. It's 13:30 and Ilkey has plenty of coffee shops and tearooms, this one looks worth a try.


Help for Heroes

"Help the Heroes" are in town and the piper earned a few bob from us. There is only so long you can stand and listen to bagpipes!

Ilkley Railway Station

Ilkley Railway Station

The old station buildings are now recycled for use as shops. But the railway still reaches Ilkley and the platforms are shown in the photo below. Originally Ilkley was a terminus for the line up from Otley. Later an extension of the line to Addingham and beyond to Skipton made Ilkley more of a junction station, than a through route. Then after the reshaping of the railways during the mid-60's, Ilkley returned to its status as a terminus.

Ilkley Railway Station

Ilkley Railway Station

I was puzzled, as I'm sure you are, by the space in the middle. Not wide enough for two lines, unlikely to have been a central platform. Research has revealed that it was a carriage siding.

Ilkley Park

Ilkley Riverside Park

Now time for the walk to start, we found quiet roadside parking, at no cost, next to the park. This walk is another from the "50 Walks in Yorkshire Dales" The author tells us that a par score is 2hrs 30mins to cover the 5.5 miles, he started in Addingham, so we're starting from close to point 4.

Ilkley's old stone bridge

Old Road Bridge, Ilkley

This old stone bridge, in a familiar style to Wharfedale walkers, is closed to road traffic. There has been plenty of rain recently and the river level is on the high side.

Myddleton Lodge

River Wharfe

Myddleton Lodge can be seen above this stretch of the River Wharfe.

Dales Way Dales Way
The Dales Way
The Dales Way
Old Lane Low Mill Weir
The "old" Main Road to Ilkley
Low Mill Weir

The leg of the walk to Addingham along the Dales Way is pleasant enough, but the stretch along the riverside lacks views, particularly when walkers are in the woods. Drivers may remember when the road went past these houses, before the highway adopted part of the railway track and by-passed Addingham.

Low Mill Addingham Low Mill Addingham
Low Mill, Addingham
Low Mill, Addingham
Old Cottages Old Rectory, Addingham
Mill Cottages
The Old Rectory, Addingham

There are some eye-catching properties at Low Mill and close to Addingham. The old textile mill has been converted to housing, some of which is "affordable" for local folk. Our walk did not go into Addingham itself, but crossed the Wharfe by the suspension bridge. Not before a look at St.Peter's Church.

St Peter's Church Addingham

St.Peter's Church, Addingham

Addingham Suspension Bridge

Addingham Suspension Bridge

This is the half-way point, or so it seems. Karen and I gambled and did not carry coats on this walk, wise or not??


Road to Nesfield

Over the suspension bridge, up a track past West Hall and along this quiet country road to the small community of Nesfield.

Ilkley walk

The Walk

Low Austby Farm

Low Austby Farm

Ilkley Ilkley Bridge
The Calf
Ilkley "old" Bridge

On the walk down the lane after passing Austby you can see "The Calf" on Ilkley Moor. At the foot of the lane, walkers soon find themselves back on the bank of the river and cross the old bridge to re-enter the park.

Ilkley Park

Ilkley Park

This is a good walk for almost anyone. We stayed dry but encountered a heavy shower on the way home.

Walkers: Karen and me.

Time taken: 2hrs 33mins over a distance of 5.5 miles.

Route: Ilkley, The Dales Way, Old Lane, Low Mill, Addingham Suspension Bridge, West Hall, Nesfield, Lower Austby, over the Wharfe back to Ilkley.

Weather and conditions: Mainly cloudy a few sunny spells, warm.

Greetings Count: Plenty of folk on the outward leg and not so many on the way back.

Richard's Refreshment Review: The "little tea house" Ilkley, a two-storey tearoom with a good menu, plenty of attentive staff and good food. Recommended and probably cheaper than Betty's, just around the corner.

Lancelot Younghusband

What a name!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2011 ©

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