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~Pendle Hill~

26th September 2011

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Black Moss Reservoirs

Black Moss Reservoirs

Start time 18:17. I always have a breather at the half-way point up the steps. It's been a pleasant enough day and more are promised by the weatherman.

Smart Dressed Man

Sharp Dressed Man

Clean shirt, new shoes, does he know where he's going? This gentleman, from Bristol, is up here working and decided to make an evening ascent of Pendle Hill. I think if you're going up Scafell Pike in the pouring rain, then certain clothes are essential. For a Pendle walk on a calm, dry evening, dress just as you like.

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunset

At the summit I met three runners, the smart dressed man caught up as I had some top time. The young lass with the labrador, who I saw last week was back on top at the same time, it got quite crowded.

Pendle Runners

Pendle Runners

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

Mauve Sky

Early Sunset

The sun disappeared behind coastal cloud ten minutes early, nevermind.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 1 hour 8mins over a distance of about 2.5 miiles.

Route: Roadside parking, up the steps, along the summit plateau and down the track.

Weather and conditions: Sunny and calm.

Greetings Count: "They come runnin' as fast as they can, 'cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man." Runners and the man in a suit.

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