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22nd August 2010

Improving weather on Sunday and we decided to travel to a local favourite. This is a short report from a short walk; indeed the photos start from the half-way point and follow the return to the car....


Stainforth Foss 31st May 2010

Scroll down for photos and a description of the half-walk


Stainforth Foss 22nd August 2010

Karen and I have walked from Stackhouse, which is not very far from Stainforth and closer than Settle, the usual start point for this section of the Ribble Way. Compare this scene with the drought conditions from the end of May - top photo.


Stainforth Foss

It's rained quite heavily in the 24hrs prior to our visit, fuelling the river flow. A few brave teenagers were jumping in, but I suspect that the water was not too warm.


The River Ribble

This is my favourite pool, I've not had the chance to take a dip here this summer. This pool is bottom-less!


Stainforth Scene

Families with small children are doing what families with small children do.


The Walk


River Ribble

Well worth the 20 mile drive to Settle for this walk.


Easy Trekking


Stackhouse Weir

Salmon ladder at the far side.

Walkers: Karen and Me

Time taken: 1hr 30 mins over a distance of 2.5 miles, includes water watching at the foss.

Route: Stackhouse, River Ribble to Stainforth and return

Weather and conditions: Sunny and just warm enough for shirt sleeves.

Greetings Count: Lots of happy, smiley faces.

Richard's Refreshment Review: We had a pre-walk light lunch at the "Ye Olde Naked Man" in Settle, top cafe!


No Fishing

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2010 ©

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