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~Win Hill~

18th September 2010

A work trip to Rotherham, but I kept boots and camera handy, just in case I found a hill that warranted a summit visit on my back. I felt like an imposter, this is the first time I've walked in the Peak District without a local guide....

Win Hill

"Singin' hey diddle diddle..."

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Win hill

Ladybower Reservoir & Viaduct

Heatherdene carpark was full, but there was just room for the van on the roadside. Without this space, I wouldn't have stopped here and this walk wouldn't have happened. The sky was grey and it had been raining, but just now it's dry.

Ladybower Dam

Ladybower Dam and East Spillway

This is a bellmouth spillway, don't you know. Win Hill summit is just in view.

Ladybower Dam

The Dam

There you are, that makes it clear.

River Derwent

River Derwent

The water in the river is the measured amount allowed past the dam. I am stood on the "Yorkshire Bridge"; it's not in Yorkshire, however.

Parkin Clough

Looking down Parkin Clough

The ascent route is immensely steep, makes all those hours spent on Pendle Hill's steps seem worthwhile - but this steeper, longer and a bit tricky under foot in certain sections.


Ladybower from Win Hill

Win Hill

Win Hill Summit 1515ft

Win Hill

Me on top of Win Hill?

Put your pointer on the photo to see if I made it to the top.

Hope Quarry

Hope Quarry

There's a big hole in the ground where limestone used to be.

Mam Tor

Lose Hill (near, right) to Mam Tor (furthest bump away)

Win Hill

Into the woods



The start of the long and winding road back to the start.


Ladybower Reservoir

Ashopton Viaduct

Ashopton Viaduct


Ladybower Dam and West Spillway

Not had much use this year, it seems.


Dam and Bamford Edge


Ladybower Viaduct


Under the Dam


Back to the Van

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 2hr 40 mins over a distance of approx. 5.5 miles. Almost 1,000ft of ascent from Yorkshire Bridge to the top of Win Hill.

Route: Ladybower, Win Hill via Parkin Clough, NW to the path down through the wood to the reservoir and back along the track and the dam to where the van was parked, close to Heatherdene Carpark.

Weather and conditions: Dull, a little brighter on top and a few drops of rain near the end.

Greetings Count: Quite a few folk using these popular paths. Locals did not detect the imposter and I got away with it.

Richard's Refreshment Review: McDonalds, Mottram near Hyde. They sell burgers and chips. "Do you want to go large?" asked the young lady; "I beg your pardon" came my reply.


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