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~Buttermere Circuit~

9th October 2014

wet buttermere

Wet Buttermere

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

The Start

You might think that there is nothing you can do on a wet day in Lakeland. Well if you've already done the Pencil Museum in Keswick, consider a circuit of Buttermere under an umbrella. Walk start at 11:45hrs and we've parked on the National Trust car park and walked past The Fish for the shoreline.

sourmilk gill

Sourmilk Gill

The vertical falls from Bleaberry Tarn is swollen by the steady rain.

Puddle Buttermere trees

One obvious advantage of carrying an umbrella is that it enables me to take photos without getting the camera wet, however it isn't easy holding the brolly and keeping the camera steady.

brlly walking


Last time we took this wet option we went the other way round, that's how exciting this walk can be.

Comb Beck

Comb Beck

The mountain scenery in this area is fantastic, so even if you can't get up high, there is still plenty to admire.

Intrepid walkers

It's Still Raining

Molly is taking it easy after her injury on Lingmoor Fell, she seems to be feeling a lot better. Such a sad face on Tuesday evening, now much happier.

Warnscale Bottom

Warnscale Bottom

Fleetwith Pike (l) and Haystacks (r) and just for a few minutes it wasn't raining.

Peggy's Bridge

View from Peggy's Bridge

This is roughly the halfway point and maybe the second half will be drier?

High Stile Buttermere Pines

Or maybe not, normal service resumes and brollies are up again.

Buttermere shoreline

The Shoreline

The Wettest Walk

A Picture

Maybe just the one photo would have been enough!

Buttermere fence

Water Fence

Fallen tree
Fallen Tree

Some folk park at Gatesgarth and walk the opposite way round; that way you can greet the same people twice :-)

Buttermere View

Fleetwith Pike

Another break in the rain as we neared the end of the walk.

Croft House Farm Cafe

Croft House Farm Cafe

Toasties and tea in the outdoor shelter, dog and smoker friendly, not that we need the latter.

Seathwaite Fell

Eagle Crag

On the way back and clouds cling to Eagle Crag, taken from Borrowdale.

Walkers: Karen, Me and Molly the Dog.

Time taken: 2hrs 15mins over a distance of about 5 miles.

Route: Around Buttermere in an anti-clockwise direction.

Weather: Wet.

A different wet day at Buttermere

The Pencil Museum

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2014 ©

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